Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I love Terry Storch (well, as much as you can love someone you've never met)

I just read this post on Terry Storch's blog. If you aren't reading it, check it out, I don't care if you're Christian or not, you NEED to be reading it.

Anyway, he references one of my favorite books, "First Break All the Rules" by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman. He references 12 questions that every manager should ask their staff. So when I became a manager/leader for the first time, I re-read the book, and decided I'd take the plunge and send the list of questions out to my staff as a way to gauge how things had gone previously, and also to understand how I could best help them.

The response was underwhelming. Of the five people I believe I received two of them back, and when I asked them if I could get some additional info to fill in the blanks (so I could start moving in the right direction) it was like I was some side show freak. It was like they were asking themselves, "why does he want to know this stuff... is this more ammunition to get me fired".

I'm not sure if it was me, if it was them, if it was some other outside factor, or all/none of the above. Either way, I'm glad to see that Terry received such a positive response. He has things to work on, but that's better than having people quit and your only reaction is to scratch your head.

Way to be a real leader and post the results out there Terry. There's lots to be proud of there, and it's not necessarily in the numbers... keep up the great work (at FC and on your blog)!

Anyone else asked these questions? What was the response? Any other good questions to ask employees? Any other good books like the one referenced above?