Monday, April 25, 2005

I love my left brain

As any of you who've moved out from under that rock can guess, I'm a chapter into reading Dan Pink's new book "A Whole New Mind" and I'm at a mental crossroads (please excuse the terrible pun). Check this out for a blurb regarding the book.

So it talks about what stuff the right brain is primarily directing (the creative side) and what stuff the left brain is directing (the logical side). The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm not so sure I'm as left brained as I thought. I feel that I have no creative talent whatsoever. I can't sing (well only in the shower when no one is home and in the car when no one else is with me), I can't dance (it's truly embarrassing), I don't play a musical instrument, I can't paint or draw (my almost 2 year old does a better job). The only potential place for creativity in my life is writing, but I don't do much of that other than email at work and home and this blog, but I don't find any of that overly creative, rather a mechanism for communication.

After reading the first chapter of this book, I'm wondering if it's more my perception, or even how I wanted to be rather than how I really am. I can take diverse data, peer into it and discern patterns from chaos. I can step back and look at things in a "big picture" way; see the long view. Those are supposedly right brain dominated traits.

So is it in there somewhere? Is my creativity hidden, locked behind 15+ years of trying to be quintessential alpha geek? All through High School I remember being the Science Geek (I ended up graduating with the equivalent of 8 years of science classes). Drafting class was the closest thing I got to creative, but that was mostly T-Squares and measurements. I didn't even like the artsy elements of drafting; I'd rather draw the threads on a bolt rather than draw the floor plan or elevation of a house. Are there creative aspects to the threads on a bolt?

I'll let you know how much closer I get to figuring things out as I get further into the book. This one already feels like one of those "I can't put it down" sort of books. If you haven't heard of it, you should pick it up... it's great stuff so far.