Monday, April 25, 2005

I love Improv Class (or I'm going to rather)

So I signed up for Improv Class at Comedy Sportz. A few guys I work with that totally crack me up with their quick wit and on the ball humor mentioned they do it and thought I would enjoy it as well. One of the guys called the other "Johnny Improvseed", not sure if that's true, but he sure seems to be spreading the word.

So I was going into this with very little expectations other than I've always had an interest in sketch comedy and improv, and thought it could help me improve as a public speaker (and all the Toastmaster classes seemed quite dull). After the first chapter in Dan Pink's book, I'm starting to think that this might be a good creative outlet for me. Perhaps this might be the catalyst that really gets my right brain flowing.

So has anyone else out there done an improv class? Is anyone really reading this? Am I just amusing myself (it's ok, it's working)? :) Any other ideas to get the creative mind juices flowing?