Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I love risk mitigation

Risk is something that is not new to me. Having worked in IT for long enough to be able to spot risk from a mile away, I can assure you that risk has been a foe and an ally of mine on many occassions. What is new to me is a consistent team of people who continually calculate risk in every action they take, and then mitigate that risk to a point where the risk almost becomes inconsequential. In IT the conventional wisdom is to let it fly and pick up the pieces later (or so I've found), so finding this type of trait in IT is GREAT.

When I was younger and I didn't have quite the number of war wounds that I have today, it was fun to consider the "plan" for implementation as clicking setup.exe and letting it fly. Perhaps I can blame it on my previous negative experiences, but I really like reducing the risk to a point of inconsequence. I find it fun! There's nothing better sleeping soundly at night knowing that the patch you are rolling out to a few thousand desktops that evening is not going to break anything... not that if we hadn't done considerable testing I would have lost sleep, I'm just not that kind of guy anymore.

But I digress. So my big question is why does anyone in IT deal with co-workers who aren't willing to mitigate risk in all tasks regardless of their scope?