Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I love nice people

Nice people are great, I love them, which is not to say that I'm "in" love with them (quite a relief to my wife). While that may sounds quite "3rd Grade", that's ok, some of you (well both of you that are reading this) know what I'm talking about.

Really, how much does it take to be nice? Not much, just a polite "no please, after you" when walking through the door or a "I like the polka-dot's" as I have been quoted as saying to one of my co-workers who wore a black or navy shirt with polka-dots on it. The shirt was out of character for her but it worked for some reason... the mystery of fashion. I guess we all know that person who you say "good morning" to and they retort "what's so good about it" or something equally as cheer squelching. This is not to be confused with my coworkers who merely point out that the fact that the morning is good is a judgement call, not to be confused with a statement of fact. I love working with genius level technology people. :)

But my question is, can one be TOO nice? I had this conversation with my polka-dot clad co-worker a few days ago. She is SOOO nice I tell her it's to the point of the nice-ness being percieved as disingenious. She tells our other co-worker that her hair looks nice, but I tried to point out that when you do it twice a week that she's bound to think you are sucking up and trying to get something out of her. A genuine gift of niceness is occassionally pointing out that something on someone looks nice. I still remember vividely when one of my co-workers commented on my new cufflinks and said they were kewl (cool) and she had never seen anything like that before. So is my polite and sincere co-worker who is perhaps just TOO nice overdoing it? Is it possible that I am a complete idiot and these people take it as she implies, as a genuine compliment?

I don't know, only the world can tell. I know one thing... I do love nice people...

One final note, speaking of nice people (and hte motivation for this post), I think you owe it to yourself to visit one of the nicest (and sharpest) people I've virtually bumped into in a while. Her name is Kirsten and her company is Re-Invention Consulting. They do all sorts of important marketing stuff that a simple minded techy guy like me wouldn't understand. She says her site is for women, but it applies to guys too (don't let her fool you). :) Check it out, if you don't like the content, you have to love what she's done with the place... maaahhhvalous.