Thursday, April 22, 2004

I love Passion

I'm not sure when or where I realized it, but I love passion. No, I'm not talking about the passion that comes from a steamy romance novel, or the Mel Gibson movie (which I did love by the way) but rather the passion that comes from doing something that you truly love. Last night I read Mark Cuban's blog entry entitled The Passion of Business and the Business of Passion and it got me fired up!

I've never before been able to express to people why it was ok to argue or to, as Mark puts it, BLAST people on your team, especially your manager! If you are arguing about something that tells me "boy is this guy/gal serious about what they are doing and why they are doing it, perhaps I should listen to what they are saying". So I forwarded this blog entry on to the folks on my team and said "if I'm screwing up or not doing something I promised, BLAST ME". If they REALLY care, if they are REALLY PASSIONATE about their job, then they will.

I also included in it my number one pet peeve. I don't mind if you need to vent and you do so to me, that's quite alright, but you need to qualify it with "I just need to vent" and then I'll listen and not try to help. But if you are going to BLAST me over something, you better bring your A-game and know your facts. I'm no dummy, and if you push back on me and you are wrong, I'm gonna eat your lunch, and it's going to suck because the BLASTER becomes the BLASTEE! I'm more than happy to stand down with proof of being wrong, but as they say, "I'm from Missouri so you gonna have to show me" (poor grammer/spelling intended).

Related to BLASTING, if you just want to come by and complain, then you are treading in the area of my number two pet peeve (a close second to the previous). I HATE it when people have complaints, but they don't care to think for ten additional seconds to come up with some sort of a solution to the problem they are complaining about. I don't care if your solution is an awful one, just be passionate enough to care about the problem and offer a solution. I like it even better when they don't even want to talk about the problem, JUST THE SOLUTION! I LOVE solutions and I HATE problems, so when those two are combined (a solution and a lack of a problem or a lack of complaining about the problem) I'm a happy man.

The bottom line for me is, be passionate enough about stuff (stuff = work, life, family, kids, fun, sports, whatever) to stand up for your position, even in the face of difficulty. Also, don't just complain about stuff, come up with solutions, be creative, try to make things work. If you aren't putting even that much effort into things then at the end of the day, you really don't care. If you don't care, then get passionate or move on, just don't waste your time on stuff you aren't passionate about.

Just a short side note. For my money, it doesn't get much better than Mark Cuban. He's got two things going for him. First, much like myself, he doesn't care about what anyone, especially NBA League Officials think. Second, he's got a ton of money to allow him to not care. Now I just need the money... hmmm ;)