Sunday, June 25, 2006

I don't love blogging

I wish I had a better excuse, but I don't... I just don't love it and with all the other things going on in life, I don't have time to do things that I really don't love. The reason I don't love it is becuase I think I'm the guy who just wants to write things that everyone wants to read, but I don't want to put the work in for 3000 years to get to a point where people will actually read what I'm writing.

So, thanks to the reminder by my good friend Frank, I haven't posted in over a year and so I guess it's time to shut 'er down.

I'm Greg Flint, signing off. You stay classy blog-o-sphere. ;)

Monday, June 06, 2005

I still love posting

Ok, it's been almost a month since my last post. I'm going to again take the virtual advice of Scoble who says (paraphrasing) that when you're in a bummer of a mood, you write a bummer of a blog. So instead of bumming out millions of readers around the world, I would just hold off and blog when the clouds move away and the sun shines brighter in my world.

So I think the sun is shining brighter, some deadlines are past, some I removed against my better judgment, and some I just don't care about anymore. :)

So here's a quick list of some posts that I've been meaning to put out there:

Target and Scoble: how a blog can help recruiting
Higher Education: The profits and perils

My quick list was quicker than I thought... oh well, life goes on.

Those two of you in the back still reading... thanks for sticking around... ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I love my kid

I guess to me this goes without saying, but I do! She's great, I couldn't ask for a better kid... really. She's even going through the "Terrible Two's" right now, and as I'm sure all parents can attest to, she's doing it at a point where she's a little too smart for her own good.

Halley Suitt inspired this post with her post regarding her son who sounds like a "stand up" young man. It's great to hear that there are still wonderful, respectful, and loving kids in the world. Sometimes with all the crazy crap that goes on (school shootings, etc.) it's easy to think they are all EVIL.

Nice work Halley... sounds like your son is on the right path.

Anyone have another example like hers? I'd love to hear them!

I love Terry Storch (well, as much as you can love someone you've never met)

I just read this post on Terry Storch's blog. If you aren't reading it, check it out, I don't care if you're Christian or not, you NEED to be reading it.

Anyway, he references one of my favorite books, "First Break All the Rules" by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman. He references 12 questions that every manager should ask their staff. So when I became a manager/leader for the first time, I re-read the book, and decided I'd take the plunge and send the list of questions out to my staff as a way to gauge how things had gone previously, and also to understand how I could best help them.

The response was underwhelming. Of the five people I believe I received two of them back, and when I asked them if I could get some additional info to fill in the blanks (so I could start moving in the right direction) it was like I was some side show freak. It was like they were asking themselves, "why does he want to know this stuff... is this more ammunition to get me fired".

I'm not sure if it was me, if it was them, if it was some other outside factor, or all/none of the above. Either way, I'm glad to see that Terry received such a positive response. He has things to work on, but that's better than having people quit and your only reaction is to scratch your head.

Way to be a real leader and post the results out there Terry. There's lots to be proud of there, and it's not necessarily in the numbers... keep up the great work (at FC and on your blog)!

Anyone else asked these questions? What was the response? Any other good questions to ask employees? Any other good books like the one referenced above?

I hate bad timing

So Scoble tends to have lots of posts, and I'm always a little intimidated to click on the link to his feed in my bloglines window since I'll either have to read them all (not always likely) or I'll accidental close the window and miss something (and then be pissed).

So I knew Scoble was coming to my area to talk to Target, and I was going to ask him if he was going to do a blogger dinner or something equally interesting. So then I don't read his blog for a week or two, and yes boys and girls, I missed the blogger dinner with Scoble (and other MN bloggers).

I'm a dufus. I admit it. But at least I got to see Seth Godin at the TWolves game (feeling like not as much of a dufus).

Met anyone new/interesting/famous recently? Want to brag? Click the comments to do so.

I love sleep

I do love sleep, but I feel if I'm not up doing stuff after 11PM, then I'm a slacker or something. The great thing is that I just sit here and procrastinate. The stuff that really needs to be done will have to wait until the last possible second.

Ok, it's nearing 1AM, so I must go sleep now, I've posted to my blog so I've been productive (hehe, suuure). I'll try to post more this week, but don't hold your breath. ;)


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I love the PMP

As part of expanding my career horizons toward the project management arena, I've run across a few interesting blogs. Jack Dahlgren is who I want to be when I grow up (from what I can tell from his blog). He appears to be a project manager type with some pretty strong technical skills evidenced by the kewl Project / VBA stuff found here.

So Jack's quickly gained my respect, and then he goes and disses the PMP in his post entitled "PMP, did they spell that right?" (a subtle dig that perhaps there's an "I" missing somewhere in there)

With resources like these (brain dumps, PMP bootcamps, etc.), I imagine the PMP will quickly go the way of the MCSE. At some point after the MCSE was introduced there were people who were just trying to add letters after their name the easiest way they could without having a deep understanding of the knowledge. They became known as "Paper MCSE's". I've known people who were Paper MCSE's and people who didn't have the certification that we're some of the brightest Windows Technicians that I'd ever met.

I would imagine the PMP will go the same route (especially if it's a huge way for the PMI to make money). There will be skilled PM's without the cert whose reputation will mean much more than a PMP. There are also those who will have the cert and will not be worth the paper it was printed on.

In defense of the PMP, there are quite a few hurdles to get it. The PMI can change all this by making the certification more "hands on" and less of a examination. Cisco went this route with the CCIE, and I think it's paid off for them. Basically what they need to do is make the barriers high enough to keep the bad people out while still allowing the good people in. For some it might be raising the cost of obtaining the certification, for others it might be to make it a more grueling experience. Of course this is more art than science, but if the PMP is to stay as a premium certification in the eyes of hiring managers, the PMI has to do something.

Overall, time will tell. Personal reputation will separate the wheat from the chaff, and we could end up with one less indicator of a truly talented PM.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I love TShirts

Since starting to work from home, and it's almost TShirt weather in Minnesota (only a few more months :)), my predominant wardrobe around the house is the trusty TShirt. In honor of it's 50th birthday (all you Apprentice fans will get it)... here are a few good tshirt sites: - Mildly off color but very funny - downright insulting, sometimes funny, sometimes frightening (don't click if you're offended easily... really, I mean it) - Funny Geek TShirts - Hardcore Geek TShirts - Really Hardcore Geek TShirts

You know of any other good tshirt sites?

Monday, May 02, 2005

I love MCP's

I can't even believe this. I just read about the worlds youngest Microsoft Certified Professional: Ms. Arfa Karim, a 9 year old from Pakastan. What is the world coming to? When I was 9 I was PLAYING video games, not WRITING them!

Is this just too young? Can she possibly understand the technology behind it and/or what it means to be an MCP?

I LOVE Longhorn!

Ok, who wants to nominate me for Team 99? Team 99 is a really kewl team of uber Windows geeks that get to provide lots of input on Longhorn. Where did I hear about it? Scoble of course (where do I hear any/all the good MS stuff these days). I think I'm qualified. What thinkith you?

Who cares... just nominate me!!!

Ahhh, what do I care, both of you that read this won't really have much swing anyway... ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I love Lenovo (well, kinda)

Check out the new IBM Thinkpad TabletPC. This is some sweet stuff. I've evaluated all of the major laptop vendor's hardware and the IBM Thinkpad (or should I say Lenovo) is the clear winner. The one gap they've had is no TabletPC offering... until now. I can't wait to get my paws on that!

What's your view on the TabletPC? In 5 years is it the standard by which all mobile computing platforms are measured? Or is it Gates' wishful thinking?